WordCount is a Discord bot that tracks statistics of the individual words said on a server. It reads the messages sent in a server and stores the words in them. A user can then later query the bot to find the most-used words used on the server.

Currently, WordCount supports the following categories of “words”:

  • Words
  • Dictionary words
  • Non-dictionary words
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • User mentions
  • Role mentions
  • Channel mentions

The categories can be queried to find:

  • Most-used “words”
  • Specifc data on “words”
  • Per-user stats

WordCount is used by over 700 servers and has logged over 4 million unique words.

WordCount is currently listed on top.gg, and it can be directly invited by clicking this link. WordCount is a Discord-verified bot.

Some screenshots of WordCount in action:

General words query
Server statistics query

User query