(Hopefully) Useful Programs

This page is intended to have useful programs that people may use.

If you find the programs to not be useful, I suggest you uninstall them. That would seem like a logical thing to do, seeing as not doing so would waste free space on your storage disk.
Likewise, if the program isn't compatable with your system, you may want to not use it. That would be logical.

WordCount Discord Bot:

Server invite link Bot page Support server

This bot is a small wordtracking utility for Discord servers. It can track statisitics such as most-said words, and has leaderboards for mentions, roles, channels and emotes. It can also show you most used dictionary and non-dictionary words. This uses the standard UNIX dictionary.

I am still working on the bot, and some features, such as most mentioned roles and channels are not yet implemented on the bot. They will be coming soon. This bot uses the prefix of '.' (The full-stop punctuation mark)

ARB Discord Bot:

Server invite link Bot page Support server

This bot integrates an attacking and capture system into Discord. Players can attack each other, and capture each other as slaves. More weapons become available as you level up. Crime, work and reputation mechanics also exist, adding some strategy to quick cash commands. The bot can also be fought against, by summoning a bot fight with a programmer's tool. Try and get first place on your server's leaderboard!

Wolfnet Modifier

Install link

Just a small Google Chrome extension to make WPGA Wolfnet easier to use. It injects basic data onto the schedule page to maximize the space usage on it. Other features also include the skipping of the double sign-in page and changing of the color palatte for the site. Read the description on the Chrome Web Store page for more information.

CodeUtils Discord Bot

Server invite link Bot page Support server

CodeUtils provides basic utilties for your Discord server. It includes Discord server information, programming and math utilities and other API-related commands. This bot does not require any other permissions other than the ones needed to send messages, embed links and read messages. It is a very safe bot, even if Discord has an issue with the API or the bot gets hacked. There will never be an issue with this bot.