I have been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for some time. Since grade 8, I have worked on many projects regarding cryptocurrency, both as a miner and a developer


I have assembled, and currently operate, a modest farm of GPU miners mining on the Ethereum network. These machines have been specially designed to mine and hash efficiently. Periodically, when conditions are right, I invest in another mining rig to add to the farm. This only occurs at optimal price-to-profit ratios.

All the machines make around 5 to 7 times their electricity cost as profit. As it is right now, all the machines have made returns on their investments, and are generating pure profit.

Currently, nine workers operate at a combined hashrate of over one gigahash.

A screenshot of the current performance of my farm

Ethereum Token Development

In addition to Ethereum mining, I have also worked on other features of the Ethereum network. Notably, I developed an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. This token was created as a proof of concept. It is currently deployed as a smart contract, though it has no miners due to the costs of maintaining the token.


I have co-authored a paper on cryptocurrency. In a paper submitted to the British Blockchain Association, I detailed a section on blockchains and the various validation algorithms. In it, I bring to light the most common methods we use to verify the blockchain today (namely PoW, PoS, and more recently PoST).

This paper is currently being reviewed and pending publication. It will be linked here when it is officially published.